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Mopafil is located in Avenida José Loureiro Rosa, Zibreira, municipality of Torres Novas. It works in the cereal grinding industry, and the baking industry is its main target market. Mopafil is an Abilio Caetano Paulino & Filhos Lda. company brand, founded in June 1981 by the brothers Carlos Paulino and Abílio Paulino. Currently, Pedro Paulino, Ricardo Paulino and Fernando Paulino are also part of the company's board.
In 2001 Mofapil moved to new facilities that currently occupy nearly five thousand square meters, located in a 3-hectare plot. The company moved away from the city centre due to the lack of space of its old facilities.
With a fleet of about a dozen trucks, Mopafil is also focused on distributing its products. Mopafil has clients throughout the entire country and has also managed to enter the African market, namely São Tomé and Príncipe, Cape Verde and Angola.

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Mopafil-Abílio Caetano Paulino Filhos
Zibreira - ◊ Mopafil

Avenida José Loureiro Rosa Edifício Mopafil
2350-832 ZIBREIRA
( Torres Novas )